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Ms. Shoonya  is a versatile artiste; She is at ease with songs ranging from the old hindi classics to the contemporary, ghazals (some of which are her father's compositions), sufi melodies to bhajans and some all time favorite english numbers too.  She brings in her own improvisations that adds a beautiful touch and makes the rendition vibrant and mellifluous.


She is a media graduate and worked in the media industry for a couple of years before dedicating herself full time to music.  She has been singing since the age of four and has been performing along with her parents all through. She trained in light Hindustani vocals and in western contemporary. Under the banner of "Shoonya- A Mellifluous Journey from Ecstasy to Serenity", she conducts concerts with a variety of music genres. She along with her Parents is an active part of Shruti Sandhaan and Aas Academy ( ). She has been a vocal coach for the past six years teaching contemporary music.  She has, through Shruti Sandhaan, worked with NGOs like the Paraplegic Foundation, leprosy home, cancer patients, old age homes and differently abled children

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